This application was born out of frustration trying to access available timetable information using mobile web browsers. It was just too slow and cumbersome but unfortunately only way until now. And there was no way to use current location to access locally relevant info.

Since then I have found several Mobile device programs using Reittiopas API. My version is written for Java ME-platform using OpenStreetMap maps and my own simple library to access those maps.

Current functionality fetches bus stop timetables using location. When you start the program it activates GPS and waits for a location. When location is found all bus stops nearby are fetched. Bus stops are shown on a Map. Your location is shown with a walker. Timetable for the closest bus stop is fetched and shown. You can view timetables for alternate bus stops by moving Map so that the bus stop of interest is closest to the blue dot at the center of the Map area.

You can also geti Reittiopas routes by inputting one end or both ends. Current location is used for empty input. Route is shown on map after selection. You can return to route selection by pressing X-symbol in lefthand down corner or 0 on keyboard.

If you want to help a friend to find you, it is possible to send location link by SMS-message. If friend haven't got program yet, one can be installed using location link.


If any of Your friends have TransNav allready on their phone, you can ask them to send you a link for Installation by using Lähetä paikka menu selection.

If not then You need to write following URL on your phones browser;


More updated Help is available by mobile or from here. It's formatting is simple to be usable by Mobile handsets.