Full service when developing embedded low power wireless devices and we are even better with products that don't have to be either wireless or battery powered.


Designing new products starting from components and connections between them.


Circuit diagrams are naturally turned into PCB's with 1, 2 or more layers. Prototypes are often just two layer boards for lower cost and bit more surface area for easier testing.


We assemble prototype series in our own production facility. Normally production size is around 10 units. Prototypes and producst use almost always SMD-components only but through boad components are used also.


Most of the time boards have some kind of processor on them, so we are prepared to write the software for the board also whether it is small CPU with limeted resources or a bigger one with full blown operating system.


Often wireless devices are just part of the bigger system, then we make a backend server sytem that communicates with product.


Designer for any circuit drawing, PCB design of software writing. 60 €/h.

Project leader for any project that contains more than one person. 120 €/h.

Associate doing any work for the project. 120 €/h.