Small Map browser -midlet. Uses OpenStreetMap map data, which is as name implies a open source version of map data.

I wanted to experiment with drawing map on phonescreen in real time with changing location. Unfortunately phone I was using at the time didn't have builtin GPS, so application was more like a browser where you can move map with cursor keys an zoom out and in. And that is still reflected in the user interface.

Later I added GPS support too. Now map can follow your location while you move around.

There is also rudimentary support for location finding and from that route finding. No real navigation support yet with any kind of instructions where to go. Even location and route searching are quite buggy, because I used builtin XML-parsing, which is broken in Nokia phones. At least the ones I have had. Nokia knows about the problems but think it's no biggie. It probably wouldn't be if I was creator of the xml-data. But since I'm not, I had to do XML-parsing some other way, and it's currently too simple to handle all possible inputs.


If you are browsing on Your phone just click on the link for jad-file and that should start installation.

On PC load both files and then to Obex-push to the phone. On linux something like: bluetooth-send NavLoc.ja?


Use navigation button to move around the map

1 = Zoom map out.
2 = Search Bluetooth devices. Currently useless, later find GPS devices.
3 = Zoom map in
4 = Search places and routes.
5 = Toggle GPS ON/OFF. When on location shown by penguin.
0 = Exit screen, Commands in Finnish. Poistu == Exit

Map data is not stored, so each time you start program maps are reloaded from the net.