When ever possible, we use free tools. Naturally Gnu toolchain is used a lot. So is Netbeans for phone MIDlets and Ruby on Rails for web development.


We have lot's of experience developing designs using CSR, Nordic Semiconductor and TI -radio chips

ISM radios

Nordic Semiconductor has long been our preferred radiochip source. Specificly their 2.4GHz radios have been our favorites. Most of our designs were done with nRF24E1 which shouldn't be used any more and future implementations should be done with nRF24LE1. Integrated 8051 processor makes these chips very handy for very small and very low power designs.

Free stuff

Not all we do is work related there are allways hobbies. But some times hobbies can be closely connected to daily work. Some results of such stuff is available here and might be further developed if there is enough interest.


My bit for accessing Reittiopas API from a mobile phone.


Kind of map browser or maybe beginnings of a navigation program. Done during a sick leave due to a broken leg.


Library derived from NavLoc which I hope to have time to modify to use this library. OSMap uses OpenStreetMap data to fetch and render maps. There is a small and very simple program showing howto use it at it's simplest.